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The 'Mon Fleur' ​​Clip Silicone Beads, the pacifier clip with our own unique print.

How cool is that? This print is designed based on a craft by my daughter Julia. This looked so nice that I immediately got ideas for a spring collection. This has become the 'Mon Fleur' ​​collection. A collection with 'my little flower', something we are really proud of!

Recommended retail price: 17.95

Never lose your little one's pacifier or Chewie again with these cool Ombre Clip Silicone Beads! Besides the fact that the clip is practical, they are also stylish and make the outfit just that little bit more hip.

The clips are produced in Europe and of course the complete assembly is done in our workshop in Zwolle.

These clips have of course been re-tested to the applicable standard and passed with flying colors!

Length: excl. clip 22 cm long


- Should never be used in a crib or bed and is not a toy.

- use only when attached to clothing

- never renew

Find the safety and maintenance tips here

The wood we use is beech wood. More than other types of wood, beech wood has an excellent antibacterial effect. We use 100% silicone beads. The silicone is 100% food graded, resistant to damage and free from harmful additives such as BPA, sulfates and other additives. Silicone feels soft and smooth. It is one of the few materials that is fully recyclable, which means less waste and a long service life.

For babies, the world is still mainly a black and white film. They don't see real colors yet. They do see the difference in colours, so that the image consists of gray tones. Between 4 to 6 weeks, the baby begins to distinguish basic colors. Babies love contrasts. The stronger the contrast, the more interesting. This is why we work with color contrast.

The silicone can be cleaned with water and mild soapy water. You can wipe the beech wood with a damp cloth and let it air dry. A wipe also works well for this! A Chewie cannot be boiled, in the sterilizer or in the dishwasher.

With the FSC quality mark you can be sure that our wood comes from a responsibly managed forest. Also, all our Chewies are all tested and certified to the European toy standard EN71 and they are made by ourselves, piece by piece, by hand in the Netherlands. We also comply with the law Directive 2009/48/EC, so our products are safe. The CE marking means that our products meet the legal requirements.

As with all Chewies, we recommend that you inspect them for damage before each use and never leave your little one alone while he or she plays or bites with/on this product.

Because all Chewies & Clips are made by hand, we do our best to ship your order within 2-5 working days. (Unless otherwise stated in the article). This can take a while at busy times. In the confirmation of the order, a better indication will be given about the delivery time and if this becomes longer, we will indicate this to you.